6 Cunning Ways to Get Your Ex Back

We asked you, ” What Are the Chances of Getting Your Ex Back? “

A majority of 43% said getting back together with their ex would mean “giving up rather than moving forward” and that there was nothing that would change their mind. The truth is that you can’t force someone to love you .

But there is a stopping point… What happens if you still love each other (whether explicitly or subconsciously) and just broke up because of bad timing? Maybe the feelings you had were so strong that no one else could compare, or maybe neither of you were in a position to get your lives together.

In this case, the potential exists to rekindle your relationship . However, you need to be prepared for the possibility that your ex may not show interest . There’s no middle ground in trying to re-woo: either it works, or you have to take it as an opportunity to ultimately move forward . Do the unknowns still drive you crazy?

Here are the dos and don’ts of getting your ex back:

1. Communicate

It can often be easier for men because the main thing you need to do is start a conversation. Twenty-nine percent (assuming they were mostly women) said wanting to talk was a telltale sign that someone really cared. The first step to reconnecting with your ex is to have a healthy and meaningful dialogue. This might get them to start thinking about the relationship, too.

2. Romantic Comedy Tactics

Grand romantic gestures are often seen as an option for men; When done by a woman, it can give the impression of helplessness. However, such attempts are risky and should only be undertaken when you are sure that your ex-partner still likes you. Huge expenses and efforts are not worth it unless there is mutual interest. Grand gestures like in romantic movies may not always work in real life.

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3. Being a friend with benefits

If one of the reasons for the relationship ending was a lack of mutual effort, simply offering physical intercourse can complicate matters. If you want to make a real connection and rekindle the relationship, act in a way that is truly helpful to your ex, without running the risk of being viewed as a mere sexual object. Spending more time together can reinvigorate your relationship, but it may not always lead to deeper emotional connections.

4. Bring Back Good Memories

Going through old emails or messages and rekindling particularly cute or loving past conversations can be a way to reminisce about the good old days. This can sometimes help your ex remember why he or she is with you and the good parts of the relationship. Refreshing memories can reignite the longing for your old relationship.

5. Attract Attention on Social Media

Sharing attractive photos on social media can attract your ex’s attention. However, be careful not to make these photos too provocative; Your goal should not just be to attract attention, but to gracefully regain their attention. Being curious may cause your ex to approach you again.

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6. Be More Attractive

This method may seem superficial, but it can sometimes be effective. By taking good care of yourself and improving your physical appearance, you can attract your ex’s attention again. Looking good may increase your chances of getting back together with your ex, but it may not be enough to improve the depths of the relationship.

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