League of Legends Aurelion Sol Quotes

Aurelion Sol, the ruler of League of Legends stars, is with you with his speeches, words and quotes. He had dialogue with almost all the characters in the play. A fun and challenging champion with advice and provocative words.

Aurelion Quotes

When the Game Starts

Open up!

Get roasted !

Be enlightened!

We’re sorry.

It was a pity.


That was good.


Boring creature.

You will return to dust.

I tried to love you.

Everyone will know their place.

Lots of dragon breath.

Think cosmic, like me.

It’s all just a little bit of dust.

Defense? Hah, how funny.

Wait, we’re just getting started.

You’re so boring, I wish you were dead.

Don’t worry, you’ll shine.

Look at the stars and die!

Smolder and explode.

I don’t bite, it’s not civilized at all.

Shine brighter, I’ll help you.

Be dust and be of some use.

Pesky particle clusters.

Your negligence astonishes me.

Shedding light is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As they say, the sun cannot be plastered with mud.

Courage is nonsense, but admirable.

Self-defense? I can’t, how futile.

The stars look different today.

Not only are you useless, you are also insufferable!

Just make sure you survive, and then we can talk.

I will tolerate your crazy courage.

The apocalypse is approaching, isn’t it exciting?

A little bit of starfire is enough to finish him off. Aurelion left lines

Thanks to me you will meet star fire.

There is no other dragon like me in this universe.

Cheer up a little, destruction doesn’t have to be sad.

Are you ready to meet my stars? Here you go.

Congratulations, you managed to attract my hatred.

Such a mediocre being has no right to live.

In such a changing universe, such a stable world puts me at ease.

Hope, curiosity, despair, what else will they feel if I complete the stars?

Sometimes they call me a comet, sometimes they call me a dragon, they haven’t found the word yet to describe my true form.

Attack the Dragon

Sometimes the stars look at you too.

Every star is a piece of my heart.

Targon’s magic is primitive but powerful.

I fuel the fire of miracles.

My stars shine for everyone.

Darkness is my only true enemy.

This sun needs a new core.

My home is the universe, the lap of the stars.

Who looks at the stars and makes a wish?

This world will open the door to Targon’s destruction.

If I don’t take care of it, the sky’s shine will fade.

As Targon’s power declines, mine increases.

I turn the spark of passion into star fire.

Look at you, you are tarnishing the name of dragons.

The stars are miracles burning with the fire of love.

The source of all beings is the moon and stardust.

I’ve been waiting for Targon’s downfall for thousands of years.

Enough of Targon using me as a weapon.

I would burn the universe to see Targon in flames.

Stop looking at the stars for what you call luck.

Earth dragons are no different from barren planets.

Wherever I go in the universe, it shines, even here.

If you ask me, we have set the bar too low when it comes to intelligence.

A star is much more than a shining sphere.

The stars don’t align for anyone, except me, of course.

All the dragons on earth are pale copies of my kind.

If I add a few more basic elements this place will dazzle.

The starrise is as breathtaking as it is violent.

Stories told about me? Most of them are probably true.

Life on planets is the unbearable remains of dying stars.

The fire that burned Targon will be the first spark of a brand new hope.

Stars don’t shine on their own, they owe their shine to me.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the beauty of the stars.

Do you call yourself a dragon? You are a fire-breathing insect! That’s it.

I’m sorry, I was just about to call you, but it turned out to be a star thing.

We cosmic dragons live and die by our own rules.

My works are admired in worlds I have not even visited.

There are infinite colors in the universe, although a simple rainbow is better than nothing.

Love is a force as real as gravity, you should taste it sometime.

Maybe there is more in this world than I thought, not much but enough.

All living species like you have returned to the stone age at least once or twice.

However, when darkness covers the sky, Targon will realize his heedlessness.

This sun is off its axis, its distortion has been driving me crazy for thousands of years.

Just when I thought my work was done, I find myself here again, under this sun.

If it were me, I wouldn’t trust the stars to find direction, they’re not in place yet.

I see a universe devoid of light and heat, where even stories don’t last long.

There are scary beings in the depths of space, pray that they don’t notice this world.

A dragon that still needs wings to fly, you have a long way to go before you reach my level.

League of Legends All Champion Quotes


How lucky you are, I’ll be the last thing you see.

There are life forms on other worlds that are much more complex than you.

It’s not impossible to survive, it’s just very, very, very difficult.

Make a wish and let it go now, because even the stars can’t help you.

I looked up the word mediocrity in the dictionary, and your name was written across it.

Once upon a time I wandered among the stars, now I’m condemned here with you.

Songs about your death will be sung for generations, don’t get carried away, you will only be an extra in the songs about me.

Dialogues Between Champions

Mmmh!Punch huh!(Vi)

Anger? I can’t stop. (Gnar)

Fear? How ordinary.(Fiddlesticks)

You have never understood your god, İllaoi. (İllaoi)

You shine, but there is no shine. (Lux)

You cast a shadow over the dragon race. (Shyvana)

You would make a very interesting dragon. (Draven)

I’ll say it’s interesting, but something is missing. (Shyvana)

The moon always looks at the stars with envy. (Diana)

Fire-breathing metal rods? Oh, what a miracle. (Graves)

Now choose a dimension so that people won’t get confused. (Bard)

You are considered a dragon from end to end. (Shyvana)

With that funny hat, you’ll be a laughing stock, not a sheriff. (Caitlyn)

Blood magic? Couldn’t you find a more primitive method? (Vladimir)

You are boasting, but you have turned into a bird thinking that you will rise. (Azir)

When you say sun? Is this the sun? What suns have I seen? (Leona)

I don’t deal with the mob. You go and let your god come. (İllaoi)

Are you this way from birth? Or did you work so hard to become this boring?

You could kill me laughing the hardest with this disguise. (Miss Fortune)

I understand that life is short, of course you have to go crazy from time to time. (Jinx)

I will ravage Targon with starfire. (Targonian champions)

What are you the image of? Let me guess, generosity. (Taric)

Your immortality is just a grain of sand in the endless desert of time. (Azir)

Wouldn’t you like to perform your art on a much larger stage? (Jhin)

So you’re going to punch a star dragon.Heh!Good luck.(Vi)

Oh Ryze, I see you brought the paper on your back to take notes on. (Ryze)

Magical tattoos huh! Where did you get them, in a magic prison?Ha. (Ryze)

You tried to do something bigger than your size. (Owner champion with dragon slayer costume)

You carry the same light as Leona, usual Targon nonsense. (Diana)

You carry the same light as Diana. Usual Targon nonsense. (Leona)

I understand very well what you are going through, but I don’t think you should bend so low. (Zac)

Real magic does not listen to language, only its shadow can be reflected on paper. (Ryze)

Chatting with you is just like the universe, its beginning and end are never clear. (Tahm Kench)

Did you make a mistake? Then rewind and keep working until you reach mediocre. (Ekko)

Ah! No more riggle, at least have some respect for yourself. (dragon tamer Tristana)

The moment you picked up Targon’s spear, your fate was sealed forever (Pantheon)

Oh human beings! He never stops moving from one disaster to another. (Human champions)

In the living world, people have an unchangeable situation, they are always mediocre (human champions).

The loyalty of dragons is priceless, do not waste it in the service of fools. (Shyvana)

The way you bend time is like a child folding paper, it’s cute, but that’s all. (Zilean)

Bravo, Nasus! You turned into a dog just for the sake of rising. Now go and bring me my slippers. (Nasus)

I could teach you a few new tricks, but believe me, I don’t love you one bit, Nasus. (Nasus)

I thought I’d ask how you were doing, but as far as I can see, you’re rolling away. (Rammus)

Human beings! Even though they fall into the clutches of extinction many times, they are the best at being saved (human champions)

Galaxies will align with my command, but, okay, your sword is impressive. (Tryndamare)

They call people like you stoners around here and it doesn’t sound like a compliment to me.(malphite)

When I can’t see you around, there is an intense feeling that fills me, they call it happiness. (Amumu)

Did I arrange those stars so that you could scatter them around as you wish? Be a little economical, my child. (Soraka)

Now you want to be human? Oh honey, if your intention is to be mediocre, there is a more disrespectful way to do it. (Ahri)

I laugh so much at those who strive to rise that they are like those rowing against the current. (Renekton)

While you are bouncing tiny balls in this primitive sport, I am making the coach move the stars with my finger. (Darius, King of the Basket)

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