Can’t Delete Second Instagram Account

Instagram, the visual-centric social media platform, has become a canvas for individuals and brands to showcase their stories, products, and moments. With its feature-rich environment, many users often create multiple accounts to cater to different audiences or personal interests. However, managing multiple accounts can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to the desire to declutter. If you’re grappling with the thought, “I can’t delete my second Instagram account,” this article is designed to illuminate the path, ensuring a picture-perfect exit.

Delete Second Instagram Account
Delete Second Instagram Account

Instagram: A Snapshot

Instagram’s evolution from a simple photo-sharing app to a multifaceted platform for influencers, businesses, and everyday users has been nothing short of remarkable. Its features, from Stories to IGTV, offer diverse ways to engage and connect.

Challenges in Deleting a Secondary Instagram Account

Digital Footprint

Every post, like, comment, and interaction on Instagram contributes to your digital footprint. Deleting an account means erasing a part of that footprint, which can be a daunting realization for some.

Platform Navigation

While Instagram boasts a user-friendly interface, certain functionalities, like account deletion, are intentionally made less prominent, leading to confusion.

Guided Steps to Delete Your Second Instagram Account

  • Log In: Ensure you’re logged into the secondary account you wish to delete.
  • Access Profile: Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Settings: Click on the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) at the top right, then tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom.
  • Help: Scroll down and select ‘Help’.
  • Delete Account: Choose ‘Delete Your Account’ and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the deletion.

Considerations Before Account Deletion

  • Backup Content: If there are posts or memories you wish to retain, consider saving them or backing up before deletion.
  • Account Impact: Understand the implications of account deletion, especially if your secondary account is linked to business or influencer partnerships.
  • Reactivation: Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s reactivation policies. Some platforms offer a grace period during which accounts can be reactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my posts and interactions after deleting my second Instagram account?

Once your secondary Instagram account is deleted, all associated content, including posts, comments, likes, and followers, will be permanently removed.

If I delete my second account, can I use the same email to create a new one in the future?

Yes, once your account is permanently deleted, the email associated with it is freed up. You can use it to sign up on Instagram again if you wish.

Can I temporarily disable my second Instagram account instead of deleting it?

Yes, Instagram offers an option to temporarily disable accounts. This will hide your profile, photos, comments, and likes until you reactivate it by logging back in.


Instagram, with its vibrant community and dynamic features, has become an integral part of our digital lives. However, personal or strategic reasons might necessitate a change in how we engage with the platform. If you’ve ever felt, “I can’t delete my second Instagram account,” remember that with the right guidance and understanding, the process is straightforward. As you curate your digital journey, always prioritize your online well-being, ensuring each decision aligns with your evolving narrative.

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