How to Delete Account On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, a revolutionary gaming console, is lauded for its portability and impressive lineup of games. While creating a user account on the Switch is easy, there may be scenarios where one wishes to remove an account, perhaps due to multiple profiles or just the need for a fresh start. Deleting an account, however, should be approached cautiously, as it can result in the loss of saved game data. In this guide, we’ll walk you through safely deleting an account on your Nintendo Switch.

Before You Begin: Things to Consider

Deleting an account from the Nintendo Switch can have implications that affect your gaming experience:

  • Save Data: If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, deleting your account will result in the loss of all your saved data associated with that account.
  • Purchased Content: Once deleted, you might be unable to access purchased content with that account. If you need to re-download content, you must ensure you know the credentials of the Nintendo account linked to the user.
  • Nintendo eShop: Deleting a user might impact your Nintendo eShop settings, especially if it’s the primary account on the device.

Steps to Delete Your Account on Nintendo Switch

If you’ve decided to proceed with the account deletion after understanding the implications, follow these steps:

  • 1. Start Your Console: Ensure your Nintendo Switch is turned on and updated to the latest software version.
  • 2. Main Menu: From the main screen of your console, navigate to the upper-left corner to view all user profiles. Select the profile you wish to delete.
  • 3. System Settings: On the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the ‘System Settings’ icon. Click on it.
  • 4. User Tab: Scroll down on the left sidebar until you find the ‘User’ tab. Select the name of the user account you intend to delete.
  • 5. Delete User: Scroll down to the ‘Delete User’ option and select it. You will receive a warning about the consequences of this action. Please read it carefully.
  • 6. Confirm Deletion: If you’re sure about your decision, confirm the deletion. Remember, this action is irreversible, so proceed with caution.
How to Delete Account On Nintendo Switch
How to Delete Account On Nintendo Switch

Recovering a Deleted Account

If you realize you’ve made an error or need access to the deleted account, there are limited options:

  • Local Save Data: Unfortunately, local save data cannot be recovered once an account is deleted. This underscores the importance of being certain before taking the deletion step.
  • Nintendo Switch Online: If you had a Nintendo Switch Online membership and enabled cloud saves, you could recover your save data by re-creating the user and linking it to the same Nintendo account.
  • Re-Downloading Content: Purchased content can be re-downloaded, but you will need the credentials of the Nintendo account linked to the user. Simply log into the eShop with the original account and download your games and content.


Nintendo Switch, while user-friendly, demands careful consideration when deleting user profiles due to the risk of data loss. Always ensure that you understand the repercussions and have taken necessary precautions (like backing up saved data if possible) before deleting an account. By following the detailed steps above, you can make an informed decision regarding managing user accounts on your Nintendo Switch.

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