How to Delete Account On Telegram

Telegram, a renowned cloud-based messaging app, offers many features, including end-to-end encrypted messages, large group chats, and more. While it garners attention from a massive user base worldwide, there may be moments when one decides to step back and delete their account. This decision can arise from privacy concerns, platform transitions, or the need to declutter digital spaces. Whatever your reason, understanding the process of deleting your Telegram account is essential. This guide dives deep into the steps involved and the associated implications.

Understanding the Implications

Before you hit the delete button, here’s what you need to know:

  • Permanent Action: Unlike some platforms where deletion means temporary deactivation, Telegram erases your account for good. You won’t be able to retrieve your chats, groups, or channels post-deletion.
  • Automatic Deletion: If you don’t use your Telegram account for six months, the platform will automatically delete it. However, this duration can be modified in the app settings.
  • Cloud Storage: Telegram uses cloud storage, which means all your chats and media are stored on their servers. Deleting your account ensures that this data is erased permanently.
How to Delete Account On Telegram Easily
How to Delete Account On Telegram Easily

Steps to Delete Your Telegram Account

Embark on the following journey to remove your account:

  • Step 1: Access the Deletion Page: Open your web browser and visit the [Telegram deactivation page](
  • Step 2: Input Number: Enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account. Ensure you input it in the international format (e.g., +1 for US numbers).
  • Step 3: Verification Code: Telegram will send a verification code to your app. Enter this code on the web page.
  • Step 4: Choose Deletion: A new page will present options once verified. Click on ‘Delete Account’.
  • Step 5: Confirm Action: Telegram might ask for a reason for deletion, but this is optional. Confirm your intent to delete and complete the process.

Post-Deletion Considerations

Having erased your digital footprint from Telegram, consider the following:

  • Re-registration: Should you wish to return to Telegram, you can. However, there’s a catch. You’ll have to wait a few days post-deletion to register again with the same number.
  • Contacts Notification: Your contacts will not receive a specific notification about your departure. However, they will no longer see you in their Telegram contacts list.
  • Data Removal: Although your account is deleted instantly, it might take a while for all your data to be removed from Telegram servers, based on the size of the backups.


Digital spaces, much like physical ones, require occasional tidying. Whether you’re ensuring your digital well-being, pivoting to another platform, or taking a messaging hiatus, understanding the ins and outs of account deletion is pivotal. Telegram, by design, respects user choice, making the deletion process straightforward. Navigate with the insights from this guide, ensuring your digital choices align with your real-world intentions.

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