How to Delete Autodesk Account

For professionals and hobbyists alike, understanding how to delete an Autodesk account is paramount, especially when managing digital interactions and subscriptions. Autodesk, a design and drafting software pioneer, has been integral to many individuals’ digital toolkits. However, there are instances when users may need to opt out, either to declutter, focus on alternative platforms, or address data privacy concerns. This article provides a clear roadmap for those looking to part ways with their Autodesk accounts, ensuring the process is comprehensive and straightforward.

Delete Autodesk Account
Delete Autodesk Account

The Autodesk Landscape

Autodesk’s suite of products, ranging from AutoCAD to Maya, Revit, and more, have become the cornerstone for architects, engineers, graphic artists, and designers worldwide. With its innovative solutions, Autodesk has set industry standards, but as with any digital platform, users sometimes need to reevaluate their associations with such services. This may stem from subscription costs, changing professional needs, or the desire to reduce the number of online accounts for digital hygiene purposes.

Things to Consider Before Deleting Your Autodesk Account

Before you proceed with the deletion process, it’s essential to be informed of the implications:

  • Access: You’ll lose access to all Autodesk services and products associated with the account.
  • Data Loss: All personal data and associated files will be permanently deleted.
  • Subscriptions: Any active subscriptions should be canceled to avoid future charges.
  • Recovery: Once deleted, the account cannot be restored, and a new account would need to be created for future access.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Autodesk Account

Backup Essential Data

Before initiating the account deletion, ensure all essential files, projects, and data associated with Autodesk services are backed up. This step is crucial as all information will be irretrievably lost post-deletion.

Cancel Active Subscriptions

Log into your Autodesk account and navigate to the “Billing & Orders” section. You can review and cancel active subscriptions to ensure you’re not billed after account deletion.

Contact Autodesk Support

Autodesk doesn’t provide an automatic “Delete Account” button. Instead, you need to reach out to their customer support. Visit the official Autodesk Support Page and choose to contact them directly. Clearly state your intention to delete your account and provide any necessary information they request.

Follow the Instructions Provided

The support team will guide you through the deletion process. Adhere to their instructions, and be prepared to validate your identity and reason for account deletion.

Confirm Account Deletion

You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the necessary steps, as advised by the Autodesk support team. This email will affirm that your account is in the process of being deleted, and within a stipulated timeframe, all data will be permanently removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my purchased software after deleting my Autodesk account?

After account deletion, you will lose access to any software linked to that account. However, software installed on your device will remain, but without account access, you may face restrictions on updates or usage.

Can I create a new Autodesk account with the same email in the future?

Once your account is deleted, the email address associated with that account is freed up. If needed, you can use the same email to create a new Autodesk account.

How long does it take for the account to be fully deleted?

The exact timeframe can vary, but typically, after receiving confirmation from Autodesk, the account and associated data will be deleted within 30 days.


Deleting an Autodesk account is a significant step, especially given the platform’s robust presence in the design and engineering world. Following the outlined procedure, users can confidently navigate their decisions, ensuring they control their digital footprint. As the world continues to emphasize digital interaction and data privacy, understanding such processes is a convenience and necessity for every digitally-aware individual.

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