How To Delete Been Verified Account

“Delete Been Verified account” – a concise phrase carrying your intent to end your association with this popular public records search engine. Whether your reason relates to privacy, a change in requirements, or a move to a different platform, this guide will serve as your roadmap. Detailed and user-friendly, this article breaks down the process of deleting your Been Verified account into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Understanding What Deletion Entails

Initiating a Been Verified account deletion process isn’t a decision to make lightly. When you delete your Been Verified account, you lose access to the wealth of public records, and people search capabilities it provides. Say goodbye to fast, effortless background checks and detailed contact information lookups.

In addition to losing these services, remember that reopening an account will start you back at square one. You’ll lose any saved searches, reports, or settings linked to your previous account. Hence, ensure you’ve fully considered the implications before deleting your Been Verified account.

How To Delete Been Verified Account Easily
How To Delete Been Verified Account Easily

Preparing for the Deletion Process

Adequate preparation can ensure a seamless deletion process. Here are some actions you can take before deleting your Been Verified account:

  1. Save Important Information: Make sure to download and save any reports or search results you might need.
  2. Cancel Any Subscription: If you’ve subscribed to any of Been Verified’s services, cancel the subscription to avoid recurring charges.

Steps to Delete Your Been Verified Account

Equipped with the understanding of what deletion entails and adequately prepared, you can now follow these steps to delete your Been Verified account:

  1. Log into your Been Verified account on the website using your login credentials.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to your account settings or profile page.
  3. Look for an option related to closing your account, account deletion, or similar wording. If you can’t find such an option, don’t worry.
  4. If the option to delete the account isn’t directly available, contact Been Verified’s customer support. You can do this via email, phone call, or the ‘Contact Us form on their website. Specify your request to delete your account in your message.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on Been Verified’s policy changes.


Deleting your Been Verified account is a significant decision that must be made with due diligence. This comprehensive guide intends to clearly understand the implications, preparations, and steps needed to delete your account successfully.

As a final note, while managing your online presence wisely is crucial, remember that a tool like Been Verified can provide essential information at your fingertips. However, if the time has come for you to part ways, this guide ensures the process is as smooth as possible. Armed with this information, you can navigate your digital life with confidence and ease.

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