How to Delete Bluetooth Device Pioneer AVH-120BT

If you’re looking for the answer to the how to delete Bluetooth device Pioneer AVH-120BT question, you’re in the right place. When you follow our suggestions below, you will have solved this problem.

The Pioneer AVH-120BT is pretty easy to use, but some things can be done to improve it. One is deleting a Bluetooth device from the car’s Bluetooth settings. Below I will outline how to do this using the manual button instead of your phone.

1. Turn the radio “ON.”

  • Turn the radio “ON.”
  • Press and hold the “SRC” button for about 5 seconds until it flashes red and blue, then release
  • Press and hold the “Bluetooth” button until it flashes red and blue, then release

2. press and hold on the Bluetooth button until the blue light starts blinking

  • Press and hold on the Bluetooth button until the blue light starts blinking
  • After 5 seconds, release your finger from the button

3. Release after 5 seconds and “Press and hold” again until the blue light stops blinking fast

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4. The device will be deleted but will still be seen on your phone/car app.

It will keep trying to connect if you do not remove the device from your phone/car app. If this happens, it can cause issues in your Bluetooth connection and make it harder for other devices to connect. You should also be aware that if you delete a device from the Pioneer AVH-120BT but not from your phone/car app, that device will still appear on the Pioneer AVH-120BT screen on any other compatible receivers connected to that same network.

5. You should see a checkmark…

Turn off the radio and turn it back on again after a few seconds; you should see a checkmark next to your device when scanning for Bluetooth devices. If not, try again or contact support.


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