How to Delete Chime Account

Deleting a Chime account can confuse some users, as it involves multiple steps and consideration of various factors. In this article, we will guide you through closing your Chime account and addressing common concerns and questions that may arise during the process. Keep reading to learn how to delete your Chime account and essential things to keep in mind before doing so.

How to Delete Chime Account
How to Delete Chime Account

Why Delete a Chime Account?

There can be several reasons why a user may want to delete their Chime account, such as dissatisfaction with the service, switching to a different banking platform, or consolidating multiple accounts. Whatever your reason, it is essential to know the correct procedure to ensure a smooth and hassle-free deletion process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Chime Account

1. Empty Your Chime Account

Before you can close your Chime account, you must ensure that your account has a zero balance. You can transfer your remaining funds to another bank account or withdraw them through an ATM. If you have a Chime Credit Builder card, ensure you pay off any outstanding balance before proceeding.

2. Unlink External Accounts

Make sure to unlink any external bank accounts, credit cards, or payment services connected to your Chime account. You can do this by logging into your Chime app or website account and navigating to the linked accounts section. Unlinking these accounts will prevent future transactions after your Chime account is closed.

3. Contact Chime Customer Support

Chime does not provide an automated option to delete your account through their app or website. To close your account, you must contact Chime’s customer support team. You can reach them through the in-app chat feature, by emailing, or by calling their support line at 1-844-244-6363. Please provide them with your account information and request that they close your account.

4. Confirm Account Closure

Once you have contacted Chime customer support, they will guide you through the account closure process. They may ask you for additional information or request that you confirm your identity. Follow their instructions carefully and provide any necessary information to ensure a successful account deletion. After closing your account, you should receive a confirmation email from Chime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete Chime Account Easily
How to Delete Chime Account Easily

1. Can I reopen my Chime account after closing it?

Once you have closed your Chime account, you cannot reopen it. However, you can create a new tab with Chime to use their services again.

2. Will closing my Chime account affect my credit score?

If you have a Chime Credit Builder card, closing your account may impact your credit score, as it will reduce your available credit. Considering the potential impact on your credit score before closing your budget is essential.

3. Can I close my Chime account if I have a pending transaction or dispute?

If you have a pending transaction or dispute on your Chime account, it is recommended to wait until the issue is resolved before closing your account. Contact Chime customer support for assistance in resolving any outstanding issues.

4. How long will it take to close my Chime account?

The time it takes to close your Chime account may vary depending on factors such as pending transactions and disputes. In most cases, your account should be completed within a few business days after contacting Chime customer support and providing the necessary information.

5. What happens to my Chime debit card after I close my account?

After your Chime account is closed, your Chime debit card will be deactivated and can no longer be used for transactions. It is recommended to destroy the card by cutting through the magnetic strip and chip to ensure it cannot be used fraudulently.

6. Can I transfer my Chime account to another person?

No, Chime accounts are non-transferable. If you wish to close your account, the other person must open their Chime account.

7. What happens to my Chime account if I pass away?

In the event of a Chime account holder’s death, their account will be closed, and any remaining funds will be disbursed according to their estate’s instructions or applicable state laws. The account holder’s family or executor must contact Chime customer support and provide the necessary documentation to initiate this process.


Closing your Chime account is a relatively simple process that involves emptying your account, unlinking external accounts, and contacting Chime customer support. Consider the potential impact on your credit score if you have a Chime Credit Builder card and address any pending transactions or disputes before proceeding with the account closure. Following the steps outlined in this guide and being aware of the frequently asked questions can ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience when closing your Chime account.

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