How to Delete DistroKid Account

For independent artists and music creators, “how to delete a DistroKid account” is a topic of growing importance. DistroKid, a music distribution platform, has transformed the way independent artists distribute their creations, offering an affordable and efficient route to major music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. However, there may come a time when you feel the need to bid adieu to this platform. Whether you’re shifting your distribution strategy or just taking a hiatus from music creation, this guide will help you navigate the account deletion process with ease.

How to Delete DistroKid Account
How to Delete DistroKid Account

Understanding DistroKid’s Essence

DistroKid emerged as a beacon for indie artists seeking a streamlined process to get their music onto major streaming services. By eradicating the barriers of traditional distribution, DistroKid has democratized the music distribution scene.

Reasons to Consider Deleting Your DistroKid Account

1. Exploring New Distribution Avenues

Artists may come across alternative distribution channels that align more closely with their evolving needs.

2. Taking a Break from Music Creation

Personal or professional circumstances may drive artists to take a hiatus from producing and releasing music.

3. Financial Constraints

While DistroKid offers a cost-effective model, financial challenges might lead some artists to re-evaluate their current distribution commitments.

Steps to Delete Your DistroKid Account

If you’re committed to proceeding with the deletion, follow the steps outlined below:

  • 1. Log in: Visit the official DistroKid website and sign into your account.
  • 2. Access Account Settings: Once logged in, navigate to your profile or account settings section.
  • 3. Search for Account Deletion: Within settings, find the section or link dedicated to account deletion or deactivation.
  • 4. Follow On-screen Instructions: This may include confirming your identity or providing reasons for deletion.
  • 5. Finalize the Process: Before you confirm, remember to save any vital data or track performance metrics you might need in the future.

Note: Should you face any challenges, it’s wise to get in touch with DistroKid’s Support for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once deleted, can I reactivate my DistroKid account?

Typically, once an account is deleted, it’s permanent. You may need to create a fresh account for future use.

If I delete my DistroKid account, will my music remain on streaming platforms?

No, deleting your DistroKid account will lead to the removal of all distributed tracks from the streaming services they were sent to.

Can I pause my DistroKid subscription without deleting my account?

Yes, you can opt to cancel your subscription while retaining your account, but this might affect the availability of your music on certain platforms.


For countless independent artists, DistroKid has served as a reliable ally in the intricate world of music distribution. But, as with all journeys, there might be a time to part ways. Whether you’re taking a different path in your musical voyage or merely need a break, understanding how to delete your DistroKid account ensures a smooth transition. As you move forward, remember the tunes that once echoed and the platforms that amplified them. Until the next note, farewell!

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