How To Delete Ea Account

“How to delete an EA account” is an oft-searched query from users of EA’s (Electronic Arts) vast array of video games who wish to close their account for varied reasons. The gaming world is dynamic and ever-evolving, and as players, our interests, commitments, and preferences change over time. Perhaps you are moving to a different gaming platform or simply desire a hiatus from the virtual realm. Regardless of your reasons, deleting an EA account might be the right path for you, and this guide aims to help you navigate this process smoothly. Let’s dive into the specifics!

Considerations Before Deleting Your EA Account

Before you decide to pull the plug on your EA account, it’s crucial to understand what account deletion implies. Deleting your EA account means saying goodbye to all your EA games, progress, purchases, and in-game content tied to that account. This process is irreversible; once deleted, EA does not offer a way to recover your account.

So, tread this path carefully. Make sure you’ve made the most of your current account, enjoyed all the games you wanted to, and are ready to let go. Also, remember to back up any necessary information or records for your reference.

How To Delete Ea Account Easily
How To Delete Ea Account Easily

Account Deletion Preparations

If you have weighed your options and are sure that deleting your EA account is the best course of action, then there are a few steps you need to take before initiating the process:

  1. Backup Critical Information: This includes any receipts, game codes, or other valuable data you may need for future reference.
  2. Use up any remaining EA Wallet balance: Deleting your account also means losing access to any existing balance in your EA Wallet. Make sure to use up your funds before you proceed.

How To Delete Your EA Account

Unlike many other online services, EA does not provide a direct link or a button to delete your account instantly. To close your account, you need to contact EA’s Customer Service. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Visit the EA Help Center website.
  2. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ option.
  3. From the list of games, select ‘Origin.’
  4. Choose ‘Manage my account’ as the topic.
  5. Select ‘Delete account’ as the issue.
  6. Click ‘Select contact option.’
  7. Sign in with your EA account credentials if asked.
  8. Complete the form and request account deletion.

Upon submitting your request, a Customer Service Advisor will contact you to proceed with the account deletion.


Understanding how to delete your EA account is a crucial step in effectively managing your digital gaming experience. Whether your journey with EA is ending due to changing gaming preferences, a switch to a new platform, or any other reason, this guide provides the necessary details to delete your account effectively.

To conclude, deleting an EA account is a significant decision with permanent outcomes. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the implications fully, prepare your account for deletion, and follow the outlined steps. With this detailed guide, you are well-equipped to navigate the deletion process. Remember, the virtual gaming world is vast and diverse, and this step may lead you to exciting new experiences. Happy gaming, and may your digital journey be full of fun and excitement!

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