How to Delete FBS Account

Deciding to close your FBS account is a significant move, especially given the platform’s prominence in the forex trading world. Whether you’re reevaluating your trading strategies or simply wish to declutter your online presence, understanding the account deletion process is crucial. This guide offers a comprehensive breakdown of how to delete an FBS account seamlessly.

How to Delete FBS Account
How to Delete FBS Account

A Glimpse into FBS: The Forex Giant

FBS has carved its niche as a formidable player in the forex trading industry. With a diverse set of tools and resources, the platform is tailored for both newbie traders and seasoned experts. Nevertheless, as with all online platforms, there can be varied reasons for users wanting to part ways.

Reasons Behind Closing Your FBS Account

1. Transitioning to Another Platform

Traders often move between platforms based on specific tools, fees, or trading options. This switch can render the FBS account redundant.

2. Temporary Break from Trading

Given the volatile nature of forex trading, taking intermittent breaks can be a strategic decision for many traders.

3. Privacy and Security

In our digitally-driven era, users are becoming increasingly cautious about their online data and may decide to limit their internet footprints.

Steps to Delete Your FBS Account

Embarking on the deletion process requires precision. Follow the subsequent steps for a hassle-free experience:

  • 1. Log into FBS: Access the platform using your registered credentials.
  • 2. Navigate to Account Settings: Locate your profile icon, and from the dropdown, choose ‘Settings’ or its equivalent.
  • 3. Customer Support: FBS may not present a direct ‘Delete Account’ option. Hence, it’s advisable to contact their customer support for assistance.
  • 4. Express Your Desire: Clearly state your intention to delete your account. FBS may ask for feedback. Providing a reason can help in a swifter resolution.

Note: Remember, account deletion is irrevocable. Any future engagement with FBS would necessitate creating a fresh account. For a deeper dive into FBS’s practices and policies, consider browsing through their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my funds when I delete my FBS account?

Prior to deletion, ensure all your funds are withdrawn from your FBS account. Post-deletion, accessing the funds might become challenging, so it’s paramount to address this beforehand.

Can I reactivate my FBS account after deletion?

No. Once deleted, your FBS account is permanently removed. Future interactions with FBS would require setting up a new account.

Does FBS retain my trading history after account deletion?

FBS might store specific data, including trading history, for legal or compliance reasons, even after account deletion. However, this information won’t be accessible to you post-deletion.


Deleting an FBS account is a decision intertwined with financial strategies, personal preferences, and digital security. This guide endeavors to make this decision and the subsequent steps transparent and straightforward. As always, remain prudent in your digital interactions and prioritize your financial safety. Happy trading or happy break, whichever path you choose!

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