How to Delete Kijiji Account

Seeking clarity on “how to delete a Kijiji account”? You’re not alone. The rapidly changing dynamics of online classifieds and marketplace platforms often leave users reconsidering their participation. Kijiji, one of the most popular online classified ad platforms in Canada, offers a range of services but, like all digital platforms, sometimes users need a hiatus or a clean break. In this guide, we’ll elucidate the steps required to close your Kijiji account.

How to Delete Kijiji Account
How to Delete Kijiji Account

Understanding Kijiji’s Value Proposition

Before diving into the deletion process, it’s worth revisiting what Kijiji brings to the table. Established as a subsidiary of eBay in 2005, Kijiji swiftly became Canada’s foremost classified ad platform, providing a localized service for job postings, real estate listings, selling used items, and even community events.

Reasons to Consider Account Deletion

1. Transitioning to a New Platform

While Kijiji remains influential, numerous alternative platforms and marketplaces might better cater to specific user needs.

2. Privacy Concerns

Online platforms inevitably pose certain privacy risks. Although Kijiji employs rigorous data protection measures, users may opt to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

3. Simplifying Online Presence

As digital footprints grow, some individuals prefer streamlining their online interactions, thus leading them to limit the number of platforms they engage with.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Kijiji Account

Understanding the importance of user agency, Kijiji has made the account deletion process straightforward, albeit with certain safety checks.

  • 1. Login to Kijiji: Start by accessing the Kijiji website and logging into your account.
  • 2. Access Account Settings: Once inside, click on the ‘My Kijiji’ link, usually found at the top right corner of the page, and then choose ‘Account Settings’.
  • 3. Locate the Deletion Option: In this section, there’s typically a ‘Delete My Account’ or similarly titled option. Click on this.
  • 4. Follow Prompts & Confirm: Kijiji will likely ask why you wish to delete your account. After providing a reason (or opting not to), you’ll be asked to confirm your decision. Remember, this is irreversible.
  • 5. Finalize the Process: Post-confirmation, Kijiji will initiate the account deactivation and deletion sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to temporarily disable, rather than delete, my Kijiji account?

As of the last update, Kijiji doesn’t offer an explicit ‘disable’ feature. Deleting the account is a permanent action, so consider your decision carefully.

If I delete my Kijiji account, will my posted ads disappear immediately?

Yes, upon account deletion, all associated listings and ads are automatically removed from the platform.

Can I recover my account after deletion?

No. Once deleted, the account and its associated data are permanently removed and cannot be restored. You would need to create a new account for any future interactions with Kijiji.


Deleting a Kijiji account, much like severing ties with any online platform, requires thoughtful consideration given the irreversible nature of the process. This guide serves as a concise roadmap for those seeking to navigate these waters, ensuring an informed and hassle-free experience. Remember, digital platforms are tools at our disposal, and it’s crucial to wield them in ways that best align with our evolving needs and preferences.

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