How to Delete Moneylion Account

Understanding how to delete a MoneyLion account might become necessary if you’ve stopped using the service or found an alternative that better suits your needs. This article will walk you through the process, answer common queries, and provide a comprehensive guide on safely closing your MoneyLion account.

What is MoneyLion?

MoneyLion is an all-in-one personal finance platform that blends banking, investing, and lending services. It provides a diverse suite of financial products to help customers manage their money more effectively. However, if you have found a different service that suits your needs better or no longer requires the account, you may wish to delete your MoneyLion account.

How to Delete Moneylion Account Easily
How to Delete Moneylion Account Easily

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your MoneyLion Account

Unlike some platforms, MoneyLion doesn’t offer a direct option to delete your account within the application. As such, the process requires you to contact their customer support. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Clear all outstanding balances and debts on your account.
  • Step 2: Withdraw any remaining funds to a different bank account.
  • Step 3: Email¬†expressing your wish to delete your account. Provide necessary account information for verification purposes.
  • Step 4: Follow any additional instructions given by the customer support representative.

Note: Closing your account will permanently delete all your information and cannot be undone.

Considerations Before Deleting Your MoneyLion Account

Before proceeding with the account deletion, it’s essential to consider the following:

  • Ensure you’ve settled any outstanding balances or loans to avoid collections.
  • Withdrawing your remaining funds is essential as you won’t be able to access them after account closure.
  • Deletion is final, and all your data will be permanently removed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I delete my MoneyLion account via the app?

As of the current update, MoneyLion does not provide a feature to delete your account directly in the app. You must contact their customer support via email for account deletion.

Can I reactivate my MoneyLion account once deleted?

No, once deleted, your MoneyLion account cannot be reactivated. You must create a new account to use MoneyLion services again.

What happens to my funds if I delete my MoneyLion account?

If you delete your MoneyLion account, it’s essential to withdraw any remaining funds before deletion, as you won’t be able to access them afterward.


Deleting your MoneyLion account is essential for effective personal finance management. However, account deletion is a severe step and irreversible, so ensure you’ve considered all factors before proceeding. For more information, visit the MoneyLion FAQs page or contact their customer service.

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