How To Delete Shein Account

“Delete Shein account,” a phrase that may have led you here. Shein, a famous international fashion e-commerce platform, offers a vast collection of trendy and affordable clothing items, accessories, and more. However, you might want to take a break from online shopping or remove your digital footprint. For whatever reason, if you’re seeking to sever ties with Shein, this guide will walk you through the process in a detailed and understandable manner.

Pondering Over the Consequences

First and foremost, it’s essential to be clear about the implications of deleting your Shein account. Deleting an account permanently eliminates your profile and all related data, including your order history, saved items, and any earned points or credits.

Such action is irreversible. Once completed, you can’t retrieve the lost information. If you decide to return to Shein in the future, you’ll need to create a new account. Hence, it’s worth considering alternatives, such as unsubscribing from promotional emails or temporarily not using the account, before deciding on this irrevocable step.

How To Delete Shein Account Easily
How To Delete Shein Account Easily

Getting Ready for Account Deletion

If, after due consideration, you still want to delete your Shein account, there are some preparatory steps to follow:

  1. Complete any pending orders: If you have orders yet to be delivered or are in process, waiting until you receive them before deleting your account is advisable.
  2. Utilize your points or credits: If you have any Shein points or credits, use them before initiating the deletion process. Post deletion, these will be unrecoverable.

The process to Delete Your Shein Account

If you’re set on deleting your account, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Shein Customer Service: Shein does not provide an automatic way to delete an account. So, you’ll need to contact their customer service through the Shein website or app.
  2. Send a deletion request: Write a clear message stating your desire to delete your account. Make sure your intention is straightforward to avoid any misunderstanding.
  3. Follow the provided instructions: A Shein customer service representative will guide you through deleting your account. Ensure to follow these steps meticulously.

Remember, once the account is deleted, all your account information, history, and earned benefits will be permanently removed.


Deleting your Shein account is a significant decision, and this guide is designed to help you navigate the process with clarity and ease. It’s crucial to weigh the consequences and take all the necessary steps before setting out on this path.

In conclusion, deleting a Shein account involves understanding the implications, completing some preliminary steps, and then systematically following the steps provided by the customer service team. Navigating the online shopping world involves many choices, one of which might be to shut down accounts that no longer serve you. With the guidance from this article, you are well-equipped to make an informed decision about deleting your Shein account. Stay in control of your digital world with knowledge and confidence.

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