League of Legends Aatrox Quotes

We have prepared the speeches of the swordsman Aatrox character in our League of Legends character, champion speeches, words and lines section. Aatrox deals physical damage and gains the ability to heal himself with his Necromancer of Death passive. It is usually played in the top lane section. The gameplay is actually not that difficult. However, he is one of the most tactical characters. If you have Aatrox in your team and your player is not armless, it is not that difficult to get a win.

League of Legends Aatrox
League of Legends Aatrox

Aatrox Quotes

This War Will Be My Masterpiece.

Hesitation is Death.

Discourage Them.

Every Life I Take Brings Me Closer to Victory.

Don’t even think about retreating.

Fight or Perish.

Honor Cannot Save Them.

Dive and Fall.

Let them learn to fear us.

The Course of the War Will Change.

The Seeds of War Have Been Sown.

Resist the Disappearance of Light.

The Aesthetics of Violence.

Pain is Temporary, Victory is Permanent.

Peace is the Biggest Lie.

War Reveals Our True Faces.

Your helpless body is not an obstacle.

You’ll Be Welcomed Like a Hero.

The Warrior’s Passion is Born from Blood.

I am as eternal as war. Aatrox lines

Let Your Fear Turn into Rage.

I Know the Secrets That Lie in the Heart of Human Beings

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