League of Legends Akali Quotes

Here are the words and speeches of Akali, a champion generally played in the mid lane in League of Legends. Akali passively deals ability damage to a champion, creating a ring of energy around the target. Passing through this ring grants Akali’s next basic attack bonus range and damage. Here are Akali’s lines in the game.

Akali Quotes

Pay Attention.


We are travelers on the same path.

What Balance Says Comes True.

Symmetry in everything.


Hesitation is the beginning of defeat.

Whatever It Takes.

I agree.

Target Set.

Walk Carefully.

Another Worthless Competitor.

Through the Twilight.

A Necessary Sacrifice.

I’m Proceeding Expertly.

Honor is a Sharp Sword.


* You’d Better Run, It’ll Be Nice to Chase You.

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League of Legends Akali Abilities

Akali is a champion in “League of Legends,” a popular online multiplayer battle arena game developed by Riot Games. She is known for her role as an assassin, capable of dealing significant burst damage and excelling in single target eliminations. Akali is often played in the top lane or the mid lane and is famous for her mobility and stealth capabilities.

Here are Akali’s abilities in detail:

  1. Passive – Assassin’s Mark: Damaging a champion with an ability creates a ring around them. Crossing the ring empowers Akali’s next auto-attack with increased range and bonus magic damage.
  2. Q – Five Point Strike: Akali throws out five kunai, dealing damage based on her bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power and slowing enemies hit at the maximum range.
  3. W – Twilight Shroud: Akali drops a smoke bomb, creating a cover of smoke that obscures her from enemy vision and increases her Movement Speed. While inside the shroud, Akali becomes invisible, revealing herself only when attacking or using abilities.
  4. E – Shuriken Flip: Akali flips backward and throws a shuriken forward, dealing damage and marking the first enemy hit. Akali can reactivate this ability to dash to the marked target, dealing additional damage.
  5. R – Perfect Execution: Akali dashes forward, damaging enemies. She can cast this ability a second time with a cooldown in between. The first dash deals physical damage and stuns enemies hit, while the second dash deals more damage based on the missing health of the targets.

Akali is a high skill cap champion who excels in taking down priority targets in skirmishes and team fights. Her ability to reposition with her shroud and dashes makes her elusive and challenging to pin down, allowing skilled players to navigate through fights and assassinate key enemies effectively. However, mastering Akali requires a good understanding of her abilities and optimal use of her energy and cooldown management.

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