League of Legends Annie Quotes

Annie, the child character of League of Legends, continues to burn with her fire and entertain with her words and quotes. Here are the favorite champion quotes of Annie players.

Annie Quotes

  • It is my turn
  • Here you go
  • Play time.
  • This way.
  • It’s so fun.
  • Don’t be a coward.
  • Sure enough.
  • Try to catch up.
  • Are we there yet?
  • Don’t make me come there.
  • Let’s count to five.
  • Can they do this?
  • Have you seen my bear Tibbers?
  • My mother said don’t play with matches.
  • My back is right and left.
  • Oh piti piti, you got burned.
  • Annie lit a fire. It rained ash.
  • Do you want to play? We’ll have so much fun.

Annie Provocations

  • You lost to the little girl, Hah!
  • Because you don’t play with me, you will burn.
  • You can’t play house with Tibbers. Hah!
  • Bear.
  • I found it.
  • Tibbeeeers.
  • Get it, Tibbers.
  • Hooray, Tibbeeers.
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League of Legends Annie Abilities

Annie is a mage champion who is usually played in the mid lane in the game “League of Legends”. Annie, a child mage, has high damage potential and can put pressure on her opponents. His burst damage output and control abilities make him especially valuable in team fights.

Annie’s abilities include:

  1. Passive – Pyromania : Annie gains stacks when she uses an ability. After stacking four stacks, her next damaging ability stuns the target.
  2. Q – Orb of Dread (Disintegrate) : Annie launches a fireball at a targeted enemy. This ability refunds the mana cost when it hits the enemy, and refunds the full mana cost if the target dies.
  3. W – Flame Shield (Incinerate) : Annie creates a cone-shaped field of fire, damaging all enemies in the area.
  4. E – Molten Shield : Annie shields herself or an ally, absorbing a small amount of damage and dealing damage in return to damaging enemies.
  5. R – Summon Tibbers the Magic Bear (Summon: Tibbers) : Annie summons Tibbers, a giant bear, and deals a large amount of damage to a designated area. After Tibbers is summoned by Annie, he deals constant damage to surrounding enemies and can move with Annie’s commands. With this ability, Annie has the potential to initiate teamfights or take turns, especially when combined with her passive’s stun effect.

Annie has high-damage abilities that can quickly take out enemy champions, and when used correctly, can give her team an advantage in critical moments of the game. Although he is a relatively easy champion to learn, he can also be effective at higher levels of play.

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