League of Legends Ashe Quotes

We have prepared the speeches, words and quotes of League of Legends archer champion Ashe for you. Ashe, the glacier character usually played as an adc, is one of the most popular champions of the game.

Ashe Quotes

    • Find the target.
    • Attack quickly.
    • Show Target.
    • For the Freljord.
    • My goal is unwavering.
    • I won’t miss.
    • Don’t waste my arrow.
    • One shot is enough for me.
    • My arrows find their target.
    • No one can escape my arrow.
    • Avarosa, guide me.
    • The whole world depends on one arrow. Ashe lines
    • Right in the middle of his forehead.
    • Take a good look, this will be your last look.
    • Let’s see how close they can get.

Ashe Provocation

  • Do you like curvy things? Then you will love my bow.
  • Keep looking, but don’t look back.

Ashe Inter-Champion Dialogues

  • You’re on the wrong track, warmonger. (Sejuani)
  • You’re being stupid, Sejuani. (Sejuani)
  • So which one of you is the pig? (Sejuani)
  • I will pierce your black heart. (Lissandra)
  • Their perverted aims must be stopped. (Lissandra)
  • I will put an end to your evil. (Lissandra)
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League of Legends Ashe Abilities

Ashe is an marksman (ADC – Attack Damage Carry) champion in the game “League of Legends” and is usually played in the bot lane. Ashe damages her enemies while slowing them down with her ice-themed arrows and abilities. Ashe, who can play an important role in team fights and goal setting, is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

Ashe’s abilities include:

  1. Passive – Frost Shot : Ashe’s basic attacks and some abilities slow targets. Additionally, Ashe’s critical hits provide extra slow but do no extra damage.
  2. Q – Ranger’s Focus : When Ashe activates this ability, she fires arrows rapidly for a short period of time, gaining increased attack speed and damage.
  3. W – Winged Arrow (Volley) : Ashe fires multiple arrows in a cone, each arrow damaging and slowing the first enemy in the path.
  4. E – Eagle Eye (Hawkshot) : Ashe sends out a reconnaissance flight, revealing its path and destination. This ability is useful in determining the enemy team’s position and foreseeing targets.
  5. R – Enchanted Crystal Arrow : Ashe shoots a giant ice arrow and this arrow can go anywhere in the world. When the arrow hits the target, it deals damage and stuns the target and surrounding enemies. Accurate shots made from long distances can provide significant advantages for the team.

Ashe stands out with its strategic positioning and target setting abilities. The ability to take effective positions throughout the game and use her abilities with the right timing are the keys to playing Ashe effectively. With her ultimate capable of acting as an initiator in team fights, Ashe is an important figure in putting pressure on the enemy team and gaining an advantage for her team.

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