League of Legends Azir Quotes

Emperor Azir, the ruler of the deserts in League of Legends, gives advice to everyone with his words and quotes. Azir continues to distribute justice and judgment with his soldiers. We have prepared the most beautiful League of Legends champion words and lines for you.

Azir Quotes

  • See it through my eyes.
  • They went too far.
  • All eyes are on us.
  • Shurima lives inside me.
  • Witness the wrath of the desert.
  • History does not forgive traitors.
  • Die for Shurima!
  • Are you going against me?
  • Your emperor will return.
  • I am the dawn of Shurima.
  • Don’t lose faith in the future.
  • The reward for loyalty is great.
  • Join me and rise!
  • We are walking on a bright path.
  • I will show them the truth.
  • We will make history here today.
  • My path is the path of destiny.
  • All roads lead to Shurima.
  • We will write our own destiny.
  • Our choices are what make us who we are.
  • Rulers live by their choices.
  • Shurima, your emperor has returned.
  • Everyone will learn the name Shurima.
  • Shurima will be reborn like the sun.
  • For this cause, I will sacrifice everything.
  • This sleeping world must wake up now.
  • A future without Shurima is unthinkable.
  • Never confront an emperor.
  • In the end we will all be buried in the sand.
  • There is an ancient power flowing through my veins.
  • Soon, everyone will believe in our cause.
  • Who opposes our rule?
  • The will of Shurima was embodied in me.
  • I will restore Shurima to its former glory.
  • Shurima’s legacy will live on forever.
  • The attack on Shurima does not go unanswered.
  • Shurima will salute the sun once again.
  • We will find again everything that was lost.
  • No one knows the will of the desert better than I do.
  • Even if you do not share my victory, you will witness it!
  • There is a trace of my empire in every grain of sand.
  • To defy Shurima is to defy fate.
League of Legends All Champion Quotes

Azir Dragon and Baron Slaying

  • No dragon can defeat us.
  • Dragons can’t scare me.
  • The desert sun burns even the dragon.
  • No monster can stop us.
  • We know how to defeat this creature, too.
  • While the Emperor is standing, does the Baron have a say?
  • The command iron cuts the imperator Baron.

Azir Provocations

  • There is not sand in this desert, but the ashes of my enemies.
  • The only real Shurima! Everything else is a mirage.
  • When there’s not even an ounce of you left, I’ll still be here. Hah!

Azir’s Dialogues with Champions

  • Accept your fate, Sivir! (Sivir)
  • Don’t deny the truth renekton (Renekton)
  • You will learn to be respectful Sivir (Sivir)
  • You can’t even be my shadow, Xerath! (Xerath)
  • You are not worth a grain of sand, Xerath. (Xerath)
  • Traitor! I will bury you in the sands of the desert. (Xerath)
  • Xerath! You will pay for your actions. (Xerath)
  • You’ve already been defeated, Xerath, accept that now. (Xerath)
  • Xerath, you are unnecessary, it is time to extinguish you. (Xerath)
  • It’s not your cup of tea to challenge a huge emperor. (Xerath)
  • Sivir, rise with Shurima or sink into the sand. (Sivir)
  • Renekton was once a noble warrior, now he is a raging monster. (Renekton)
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