League of Legends Brand Quotes

League of Legends words and quotes of Brand champion, the ruler of fire. In the game “League of Legends”, Brand is depicted as a vengeful spirit who controls fire powers. He is a mage champion who can be played in mid lane and sometimes support positions.

Brand is capable of dealing explosive damage combos by burning his enemies and using his spells in succession. Brand, who can deal impressive area damage in team fights, can quickly melt enemy teams and change the flow of the battle with his control abilities. His fire-themed kit makes him a champion who can keep his opponents under constant pressure and play a critical role in combat.

Brand Quotes

  • Yeesssss!
  • I am going.
  • Fire of revenge.
  • Don’t tempt me!
  • Kneaded with Pain.
  • I’m moving like fire
  • I will open a path of flame.
  • You can never contain me.
  • It’s going to be hell!
  • I am the fire that purifies the world!
  • Their wounds will be a lesson to them.
  • I was freed from 1000 years of captivity.
  • They say the end of the world will come with fire.
  • Are you ready to set the world on fire? (Laughter)


  • Hah! Are you sure you don’t have a fever? Haha!
  • Is it getting too hot in here or am I just too hot! (Smile)
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League of Legends Brand Abilities

Brand is a mage champion in the game “League of Legends” who is usually played in the mid lane or sometimes in a support role. Brand, who dominates the fire element, is a character that can constantly inflict magic damage on his enemies and inflict high area damage in team fights.

Brand’s abilities are as follows:

  1. Passive – Blaze : Brand’s abilities mark enemies with Flame, which explodes after a certain period of time, dealing extra percentage health damage, and if Brand hits a target with three different abilities, the target will also damage those around it with a large explosion.
  2. Q – Fireball (Sear) : Brand launches a fireball in a straight line; If this ability hits an enemy with the Flame effect, the target is stunned.
  3. W – Severe Incineration (Pillar of Flame) : Brand summons a pillar of fire to a designated area, which explodes after a few seconds and damages the enemies inside. Extra damage is applied to enemies with Flare effect.
  4. E – Conflagration : Brand burns a targeted enemy, this ability deals damage to a single target and if the target is under the effect of Conflagration, it spreads to other enemies in the area of ​​effect.
  5. R – Flame Storm (Pyroclasm) : Brand launches a fireball; This fireball can bounce between targets it hits, damaging multiple enemies. If targets are under Flare, the number of jumps increases.

Brand is very strong, especially in team fights and scenarios that can keep enemies crowded in a narrow space. The Flare passive increases the interactivity and damage potential of all Brand’s abilities. By quickly marking enemies and then cleverly combining his abilities, Brand can deal a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. To use Brand effectively, it is important to use abilities in the correct order and timing.

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