League of Legends Jhin Quotes

In the game League of Legends, our masked character Jhin is known for his unique quotes and dialogues. Jhin is often played in the bottom lane and is considered a fun champion to play. While I have compiled a list of Jhin’s quotes, there might be some missing, so feel free to add any you know in the comments section.

League of Legends Jhin Quotes
League of Legends Jhin Quotes

Jhin Quotes

“I bloom like a flower in the dawn.”

“Shouting and throwing axes? Hmm, very creative.”

“They call me mad. All artists are mad.”

“I must wait until the composition is perfect.”

“You will die beautifully!”

“I adore violent compositions.”

“This composition needs a little death.”

“I am a singer without a voice, a dancer without legs.”

“My performances in your hometown were so boring.”

“The moment before the trigger is pulled is exquisite torture.”

“Which is the lie? The mask or my face?”

“Stains on my suit drive me to fury.”

“Symmetry is so boring.”

“You know nothing of harmony. The aesthetics of dissonance are much richer.”

“Take my soul if you must, just be silent.”

“With my art, I plant seeds of death that bloom.”

“Don’t make noise. You might have music, but you cannot fill the stage like I do.”

“You will sing the final song with my love.”

“For me, gold is the color of power.”

“I will continue until someone stops me.”

“Are you parading around in the paint bucket just to dress up?”

“Those who see you will be speechless. Jhin quotes.”

“Your works will be forgotten. Mine will echo through the ages.”

“I never compromise on perfection.”

“Then, let’s dance.”

“Get lost in the rhythm of my bullets.”

“Behind every mask is another mask.”

“I want to taste every emotion. My gun provides that.”

“They will dance, they will sing, they will die.”

“I set my stage in their minds.”

“The show never ends.”

“I conduct the death orchestra.”

“Only the force of my will is needed to stir my mind.”

“Art should terrify.”

“I’ll start the music and make them all dance.”

“I have been planning my final scene for a long, long time.”

“Red truly is the color of life.”

“Art will blossom from their fears.”

“Sometimes I envy silence, for I have to be loud.”

“Death is inevitable, but there must be beauty in the killing.”

“The fatal wound awaits them.”

“I cannot resist this passion.”

“Our world is cruel. It doesn’t have to be ugly.”

“You talk too much. I have lovely plans for you.”

“Just as I envisioned.”

“1-2-3-4, then 2-3-4”

“I will not endure this ugliness.”

Quotes Addressed to Jhin

“Oh Jhin, you do exaggerate. And… Curtain.”

“How does he live if he only knows how to pull the trigger?”

“I wouldn’t want another ‘automaton’ to go mad and commit murder, Jhin. Or do I care… One, two, three, whatever.”

Aurelion Sol:
“Wouldn’t you prefer to perform your art on a much grander stage?”

“What good is all that ornamentation if it’s hollow underneath… There’s no room for ostentation in battle.”

“Your mask isn’t a work of art, Jhin. It’s just an antique.”

“How did you stray so far? Is there anything worth saving inside you? We’ll find out soon enough.”

“Clear the way, dandy. Look at you… All dressed up and dirty.
Nobody tells me anything. He talked too much, so I shut him up.
Let him be crazy, dear to my heart. But reloading in the middle of a battle, what’s that about!”

“Step up, tin man. Let’s see if you’re really as fast as they say.
One day you’ll best me, Jhin. But today is not that day.”

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