Rain Dream Meaning and Interpretation

What does it mean to see rain in your dream, dream interpretations. Under the leadership of the great and respected imam and dream interpretation scholar Abdulgani en-Nabulsi, many scholars, jurists and commentators have interpreted seeing and seeing rain in dreams. It leads to goodness and many blessings. The great imam and tafsir icon Muhammad ibni Sirin sees that watching rain in a dream is a sign of goodness, happiness and abundant sustenance. Allah is Almighty, All-Knowing.

Rain Dream Meaning
Rain Dream Meaning

The meaning of seeing rain in a dream for Nabulsi

In dream interpretation, the great and respected imam and scholar Abdulgani an-Nabulsi sees that seeing rain in a dream is a sign of achieving goals and success, as well as sustenance and goodness .

However, if he sees rain in known places in his dream, because this vision is evidence that the person who sees it will be exposed to many pains and diseases and that there is no power or power other than Allah.

Likewise, seeing and watching stones rain down from the sky, this dream symbolizes the dreamer’s many mistakes and, God forbid, his many sins and sins.

However, if a person with a vision sees himself washing in the rain, this vision confirms repentance and return to God Almighty.

And seeing a strong wind after rain in one’s dream is a sign of goodness and happiness, and receiving many and varied blessings and blessings.

And the appearance of a rainbow after the rain in a dream is evidence of happiness, pleasure, joy and joy, and God Almighty is Almighty and All-Knowing.

Just like the rain stops and the sun rises in a dream, this vision is evidence of the end of troubles and getting rid of troubles with the permission of Allah.

However, rain accompanied by lightning and thunder in a dream is evidence of many changes and changes that will occur in the life of the seer.

Raining in a dream and Ibn Sirin’s interpretation

The great and revered imam and tafsir icon Muhammad Ibn Sirin believes that seeing and watching rain in a dream is a sign of goodness, happiness, abundance and livelihood.

When he sees it raining in his dream and sees himself watching, this vision symbolizes how close he is to his Lord and his meticulousness in worship.

And for you, if it rains at an untimely time, this vision is considered one of the bad and unfavorable visions, because it indicates exposure to worries and sorrows that the dreamer will experience.

And he believes that heavy rain in a dream is evidence of goodness, sustenance, happiness and pleasure.

Seeing and watching rain in a dream as if it were honey or rain confirms goodness, sustenance, blessings and multiple blessings.

However, Ibn Sirin believes that this vision is not praiseworthy and good because seeing rain falling in the form of blood indicates the sins, mistakes and sins committed by the dreamer.

Cabbage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

The meaning of seeing rain in a dream

Seeing rain on an unmarried girl in a dream indicates that there is someone who loves her and that he is beautiful and has good morals.

For a single woman, seeing rain in a dream is evidence of happy events.

Heavy rain in a single woman’s dream indicates many conflicts and problems.

Rain in a married woman’s dream and its interpretation

Scientists believe that seeing and watching rain in a dream indicates good fortune, livelihood, joy and happiness.

The rain in the dream of Bishara, a married woman, indicates that she will soon be blessed with a good child.

If a married woman sees rain in her dream, it indicates her closeness to her Lord and the good news that her prayers will be accepted.

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