Rose Dream Meaning And İnterpretation

Seeing roses in a dream and interpreting them hold significance. In life, roses symbolize sincerity, love, and beauty, but what does seeing roses in a dream signify? Does it carry the same meaning, or something else? Let’s explore.

Rose Dream
Rose Dream

Interpretation of Seeing Roses in a Dream According to Ibn Sirin

  • It signifies lawful money, a good child, a short-lived trade, or vanishing joy.
  • If a young man sees himself being given flowers, this means an enemy offers him a non-lasting treaty.
  • If a young man sees a garland of roses on his head, he will marry a woman and soon divorce her.
  • If a girl sees a garland of roses on her head, she will marry a man resembling the roses she saw.
  • Jasmine is evidence of worry and sorrow.
  • Picking white roses signifies a chaste woman, yellow roses a poor woman, and red roses a woman of amusement.
  • A cut rose tree is evidence of worry and grief.
  • Collecting unopened roses indicates a miscarriage for a pregnant woman.
  • Gathering large roses is evidence of a beautiful woman.

Interpretation of Seeing Roses in Dreams for Single Ladies

  • Generally, it’s a sign of joy and pleasure.
  • White roses indicate a husband of high moral character.
  • A thorny red rose means someone approaching the girl will harm her.
  • Sleeping beside roses is evidence of happiness.
  • Collecting roses signifies success and marriage.
  • Watering roses indicates marriage to a loved one.

What Does It Mean for a Pregnant Woman to See Roses in a Dream?

  • White roses are evidence of a painless childbirth.
  • Seeing a single rose signifies giving birth to a female.
  • If someone gives her a rose, it means respect and love for her.
  • A pregnant woman giving a rose to someone in a dream signifies a connected friendship between them.
  • Seeing oneself receiving a rose in a dream signals receiving happy news.
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