Sweat Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing sweat in a dream indicates the dreamer will experience numerous positive changes in their life. Seeing sweat drop signifies lawful money and an imminent marriage with a virtuous person. A husband may warn his wife against bad company or numerous acquaintances. In this context, scholars and dream interpreters consider sweating on the face to indicate money coming from a lawful source. For a man, this in his dream signifies career advancement or achieving whatever he desires. This article offers a detailed collection of the most important and prominent interpretations related to seeing sweat in dreams for both men and women.

Sweat Dream
Sweat Dream

Seeing Sweat in a Dream

  • For a never-married single girl, seeing sweat in her dream points to diligence, effort in life, and strength of character.
  • Ibn al-Sadiq believes that intense sweating on the face represents nothing but the difficult problems and crises one is facing.
  • If a single woman sees sweat in her dream, it indicates a high position at her workplace.
  • Scholars and dream interpreters believe that intense sweat for a single girl is beneficial and heralds happy changes.
  • For a married woman, her sweat signifies stability with her husband, escape from fatigue and hard work.
  • Sweating in a married woman’s dream represents her struggle in life and taking on difficult responsibilities.
  • The sweat in a married woman’s dream denotes her ability to overcome troubles, her husband’s love, and the strength of their bond.
  • The husband’s sweat in a dream carries responsibility, joy, and a great reward from God.

Seeing a Pregnant Woman Sweat in a Dream

  • Sweating in a pregnant woman’s dream points to the difficulties and intense pain she experiences, from which she wishes to escape.
  • Wiping sweat from the forehead also eases childbirth, approaches the situation, and seeing this can herald the fetus being safe from all harm.
  • The strong current of a pregnant woman’s sweat indicates a blessed and prosperous sustenance on her path.

Meaning of Sweating in a Dream for Married or Single Men

  • For a married man, seeing sweat in a dream signifies the strong affection that binds him and his wife.
  • Ibn Sirin also believes that abundant sweat falling on a man’s face indicates his ability to overcome difficulties and hardships.
  • Seeing sweat flow from his body in a man’s dream points to diligence and the effort to earn money.
  • Forehead sweat seen in a dream represents repentance, abstaining from sin, and avoiding acts against God.
  • Excessive sweating in a sick man’s sleep is not praiseworthy, as the vision warns him of an impending death.
  • For singles, dreaming of sweating indicates an imminent marriage to a virtuous and religious girl, and Allah knows best.
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Interpretation of Sweating in a Dream by Ibn Sirin

  • Imam Ibn Sirin interprets excessive sweating in a dream as a sign of relief after distress and the arrival of good news for the person.
  • Foul-smelling sweat indicates numerous problems, bad character, and issues related to religion.
  • For a merchant, exaggerated sweat in a dream signifies loss, failure, and the inability to earn or spend money on useful things.
  • Sweat without a bad odor in a man’s or woman’s dream signifies lawful money, whereas rotten sweat or its bad smell indicates illicit earnings. Allah is the Most High, the Knower of the unseen.
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