Uninteresting Topics to Avoid on a First Date

Although movies show how easy it is to find a spouse or partner, in real life love stories don’t always go smoothly. Instead, the story of hardships, obstacles, and the desire to fight for the person you love is more realistic. This is a closer-to-true story and one where first dates stand out.

First dates can be the difference between ” happily ever after ” or “I don’t love you anymore and I threw your new TV down from the third floor.” Therefore, knowing the topics that should not be talked about as well as the things that should be talked about is also of great importance.

Five topics to avoid on a first date:

  1. Politics: Politics is often about your beliefs, and bringing it up on a first date can cause disagreements and a negative atmosphere, leading to the end of the relationship before it even begins.
  2. Old Relationships: Talking about old relationships can give the impression that you are still not over them or that you are still angry. This is a topic that will not attract the other person’s further attention.
  3. Your Dark Past: Everyone has a past, but a first date is not the right time to share your past experiences, especially negative ones.
  4. Your Biological Clock: Yes, everyone has a biological clock, but mentioning your desire to have children on the first date can disrupt the natural flow of the relationship.
  5. Your Sexual Preferences: Talking about sexual preferences on a first date can lead to misunderstandings and stepping out of your comfort zone. These issues should be addressed as the relationship progresses and mutual trust is established.

By avoiding these topics, you can help your first date be more enjoyable and promising.

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Three topics you can easily talk about on a first date:

  1. Religion and Belief Systems: Although it is among the topics that are generally recommended to be avoided on first dates, it may be useful to gently bring up this topic if it is important to you and you are looking for a partner with similar beliefs. Sharing your beliefs and expectations can save you time and emotional investment in the long run, especially if you are a religious person and this is an important criterion for you in a relationship.
  2. Sharing What You Expect from the Relationship: Everyone’s dating goals are different. While some are looking for serious relationships, others may be looking for more casual and short-term connections. Clearly stating what you expect from the relationship and life on the first date helps both parties understand whether their expectations are compatible and prevents potential wasted time.
  3. Sharing Your Strengths and Interests: Express yourself in the best way possible. If you are funny, share your humor, if you are a good listener, share your empathy, if you have a passionate hobby, share your excitement about it. The first date is an opportunity to mutually discover each other and reveal your interests, talents and passions. Showing your true self helps you create an intimate connection and gives the other person a glimpse of who the real you is.
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