What is Nail Care and How is it Done?

Before answering the question of how to care for nails, it is necessary to know what the structure of the nail is. The nail consists of hardened protein, namely keratin. One of the main reasons for nail care is that nails become weak and break when exposed to chemicals. The second reason is yellowing of nails due to excessive use of nail polish or any disease, mostly caused by fungus. Yellowing and breaking of toenails also occurs due to lack of air in socks for a long time.

Nail care and extension, regular use with the right techniques and oils also gives good results. Another answer to the question of what should be done for nail care, and the most important one, is to avoid using personal belongings of individuals with infectious diseases such as fungus. While nail care is done at home, there are also places that provide nail care.

How to Do Nail Care?

The question of how nail care should be is asked quite often. Of course, the answer to this question varies depending on whether the procedure will be performed at home or in a beauty center. For nail care at home, you must have your own care products or the necessary natural products. If you are going to have nail care at the beauty center, you do not need to have any products.

Natural methods are often used for nail care at home . The most important of these methods is nail care using natural oils. The most popular answer to the question of which oil should be used for nail care is coconut and olive oil.

Recommendations for nail care start with healthy nutrition. If your own nail still does not grow after all the procedures or if you have a health problem, you can have prosthetic nails. However, if you have ongoing problems with your nails for a long time, it would be beneficial to get help from a specialist physician.

If you wonder how to care for prosthetic nails , you can have healthy and well-groomed nails for a long time by going to the place where you have them done regularly, as doing them at home can damage the nails. Now, let’s see how nail care is done at home.

Suggestions for Nail Care at Home

Having well-groomed nails is very important for both health and beauty. Neglected nails can lead to lack of self-confidence and can also open the door to diseases such as fungus. Nail care can be done at home as follows:

  • Put warm water in a bowl large enough to fit your hand or foot.
  • Soak your nails for 15 minutes.
  • Cut your softened nails and then file them. Do the filing process towards the nail edges without applying too much pressure.
  • After rasping, proceed to cutting dead skin. Gently trim the skin at the base and edges of the nails.
  • At the end of the process, massage your nails with oils.
  • Do not leave nail polishes on for more than 2 days. After wiping, apply care oil for 2-3 days and give your nails a chance to breathe.
  • If you buy useful nail care products and use them regularly, you can get healthy nails. The first priority of these products is to have a quality manicure set.
  • The materials required for nail care should be cleaned correctly and used by a single person. Sterilization is very important to protect against infectious diseases such as fungi.

In addition to the question of what should be done for nail care, you should avoid exposing your nails to extreme heat and cold. You should definitely use cleaning gloves to avoid contact with any chemicals while cleaning. For the sake of both your skin and nail health, you should avoid direct contact with chemical products.

This is not all information about nail care, you can get more information from doctors and manicurists. If you ask how nail care is done at the hairdressers , it would be healthier to go to the hairdressers at the first stage as it is more professional than what you do at home.

If you are going to do nail care at home, you should definitely have information about this subject. Any wrong action you take may cause you to catch germs. For this reason, it is recommended that those who will have nail care for the first time go to beauty centers and see the process.

Remember that your face will be the first thing that catches your eye before your nails, and you should also take care of your eyebrows for a healthier and more beautiful appearance. If you have sparse eyebrows that you are not happy with their shape, you can choose the method that suits you by answering the question ” What is microblading?” This way, you can have more voluminous eyebrows and the look you desire.

What are the Materials Required for Nail Care?

Whether you are getting prosthetic nails or doing nail care at home, you must first have your own nail care supplies. It is not healthy to share it with family members or friends. If you want well-groomed nails, you don’t want to deal with diseases. To protect yourself from these diseases, you should clean your nail clippers, files and other care products correctly.

It is not recommended to use socks, slippers and shoes that belong to someone else. Your shoe and sock choices are also very important for your nails. You should not choose shoes that squeeze your fingers. Your sock choices should also allow your feet to breathe. Otherwise, your chances of contracting diseases such as fungi increase.

The materials required for nail care are as follows:

  • Paper Rasps: In addition to metal rasps, paper rasps are a frequently preferred product because they are more hygienic. It is budget-friendly with its cheap price and has become very popular recently.
  • Nail Clippers: You should adjust the size of your nails before filing. Your fingernails and toenails should be cut in a crescent shape. The reason for this is to prevent ingrown nails. Your nail clippers are personal and should never be shared with others. It would be healthier to clean and put away your nail clippers thoroughly after using them. The answer to the question of what should be done for nail care is very important at this stage.
  • Krong: It is used to clean dead skin and skin at the base of the nails.
  • Manicure Container: Before you start nail care, you must have a container, put slightly warmed water in it and keep your hand in warm water. The answer to the question of how to make cuticle water is that simple.
  • Poza Stone: Heel stone, as we know it, is absolutely necessary for foot care. You can clean the hardened dead skin on the heels with the help of this stone. Using a posa stone by gently rubbing it ensures that you get good results.
  • Nail and Cuticle Peeling: It is ideal to use this product to get healthier and brighter nails. It softens your nails and makes shaping easier.
  • Cuticle Pusher: With this product, you can easily remove your cuticles, which you have softened by soaking in warm water, and then cut them with the help of a krong to get a cleaner and healthier appearance.

Why is Nail Care Important?

You can get more well-groomed nails when finger and toe nail care is done regularly without interruption. By using oil for nail care, you can ensure that your nails grow faster and do not break.

Using strengthening oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil for your nails, which become thin and weak after the removal of prosthetic nails, will allow your nails to recover and return to their former state in a short time. You can have more vibrant nails thanks to nail care and extensions .

You can restore your yellowing nails with the help of lemon. However, it should not be forgotten that leaving lemon on your nails for a long time may irritate your skin and nails due to the acid it contains. Nail care products are very important for nails to look strong and beautiful.

We answered the question of how to do nail care so that everyone can do nail care with products they can access. You can also share your experiences with all our readers by sharing your information about nail care and products in the comments.

How to care for nails at home?

You should have the products you need to do nail care at home. These products can be summarized as nail scissors, paper file, cuticle peeling, posa stone and krong. You can also use various nail care oils .

Which department in the hospital should I go to for foot care?

You can consult the Podology, or foot health department, for the diagnosis of toenail disease or disease treatment.

What are the places that provide nail care?

You can go to beauty centers for finger and toe nail care. At the same time, if you think there is a medical problem, you can apply to the Orthopedic service.

What are the most effective nail care oils?

You can use almond oil, coconut oil and pure olive oil for nail care. You can get great benefits in a short time with these oils.

Can manicure be done on short nails?

Yes, short nails can be manicured. But you should be careful not to shorten your nails too much. Otherwise, ingrown hairs may occur and microbial formation due to ingrown hairs may occur.


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