What is Soap? What is Soap used for?

What is Soap?

Soaps are salts formed as a result of the chemical reaction of oil and an alkaline base. This reaction is known as saponification and forms the basic structure of soap. The reaction of fatty acids with alkali enables the soap to gain cleansing properties. Soaps are generally used for personal hygiene and cleaning purposes and have the ability to dissolve dirt and oil when combined with water.


What is soap used for?

Soap serves several cleaning and hygiene functions:

  1. Skin Cleansing: Soap is used to clean dirt, oil and dead cells accumulated on the skin. It provides hygiene by purifying the skin from microorganisms.
  2. Hand Washing: It plays a critical role in ensuring hand hygiene, especially to prevent the spread of diseases. Regular hand washing helps prevent many infectious diseases.
  3. Household Cleaning: Soap is also effective in cleaning household items, floors, and other surfaces. It helps clean surfaces by dissolving dirt and oil stains.
  4. Laundry and Dish Washing: Soap is used to remove stains and dirt on clothes and dishes. It is an effective cleaner for both hand and machine washing.
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History of Soap

The history of soap dates back to ancient times:

  1. Ancient Times: Records of the first use of soap date back to B.C. It dates back to 2800 BC, to Ancient Babylon. Babylonian tablets mention the existence of a type of soap obtained by boiling a mixture of oil with ash.
  2. Romans and Greeks: Romans and Greeks widely used soap for personal cleansing. The Romans popularized the use of soap in public baths.
  3. Middle Ages: In Medieval Europe, soap production became more systematic. During this period, soap making began to be made using higher quality oils such as olive oil.
  4. Industrial Revolution: With the industrial revolution in the 19th century, soap production moved to an industrial scale. Chemical processes and mechanization have enabled soap to reach wider audiences.
  5. Modern Soaps: Today, soaps are enriched with various scents, colors and features. Skin care properties are enhanced by adding natural oils, herbal extracts and vitamins.

Soap is much more than a simple cleanser; It is an indispensable tool for hygiene and health. Developing throughout history, soap has become an integral part of modern life and continues to be used for both personal care and general cleaning.

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