League of Legends Vi Quotes

We have prepared the words of the character Vi in our League of Legends character, champion speeches, sayings and quotes section. The Vi  character is one of the most played and enjoyable champions in the jungle section. The champion has 7 beautiful skins in the game that I know of. It gives a more fun taste of playing games with costumes. Vi  can deliver crushing blows to the opponent with her punches. With the blast shield passive, this hit can be even stronger.

Vi Lyrics and Quotes

  • First, question while punching!
  • You smile beautifully, a great target!
  • I will keep my distance from you! throwing distance!
  • Why doesn’t anyone answer properly? All they say is oh stop, please don’t hit my face.
  • We either do this the hard way or… no, we just do it the hard way.
  • The best of Piltover!
  • They will be surprised at what happened.
  • Ha! You thought I was going to crack these walnuts?!
  • They call me iron fist!
  • I know these places like the back of my hand.
  • Come on!? Try to escape!
  • Even if a wall comes your way, break it down!

Vi Caitlyn’e

  • Where are you going, we were going to drink tea, we were going to punch each other
  • Look at me, I’m on the job (sarcastically imitates Caitlyn)
  • When Vi teases, Caitlyn says, “She’s angry, she’s annoying.”

When Caitlyn ults Vi:

  • It’s okay, Cait! It didn’t hurt at all.
  • Good shot, honey.
  • No!

Vi to Caitlyn(When on the same team)

  • Team work!
  • Highlight it, honey, right from the head.
  • When Vi uses ultimate on Jayce:
  • Hey Jayce! Power coup!
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League of Legends Vi Abilities

One of the popular champions in League of Legends (LoL), Vi is usually played in the jungle role, but can sometimes be seen in the top lane role. He is described as a fighter in-game and offers high damage and durability.

Vi Basics

  • Role: Vi is usually played as a Jungler, but can also be effective in the Top lane position.
  • Skill Type: An AD (Attack Damage) based fighter.
  • Unique Abilities: Vi’s abilities allow her to quickly advance towards enemy champions and subdue them.

Vi’s Abilities

  1. Passive – Armored Collapse: Vi periodically gains a shield. This shield reduces the damage taken for a certain period of time.
  2. Q – Severe Strike: Vi charges in a direction and uses this ability again to throw a punch in that direction. This ability deals damage to enemies it hits and knocks them up into the air.
  3. W – Overpower: Vi’s basic attacks deal additional damage and armor penetration when hitting a target repeatedly.
  4. E – Extreme Destruction: Vi’s next two basic attacks deal damage to all enemies in the area up to the end of the screen and apply additional damage to the main target hit by the ability.
  5. R – Break Point: Vi dashes towards a designated enemy champion, knocking her target up into the air and dealing massive damage. During this time, Vi is unstoppable.

Using these abilities, Vi can penetrate enemy lines in team fights and change the course of the battle by specifically targeting backline champions. The gameplay is based on quickly targeting enemies and creating advantages for the team.

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