How to Delete a Blade and Soul Account

For many, “Blade and Soul” is not just a game; it’s an experience, a virtual realm where adventures abound, friendships are forged, and countless hours are invested. Yet, like every journey, there might come a time to put down the blade, hang up the soul, and seek closure. If you’ve found yourself pondering how to delete a Blade and Soul account, this meticulous guide is here to steer your way.


Blade and Soul, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has enthralled millions with its intricate narratives and adrenaline-pumping combats. The confluence of Eastern martial arts and myths offers an immersive experience. However, in the labyrinth of online gaming, there are moments when one wishes to retreat, either temporarily or permanently. Whether it’s a quest for digital detox, privacy concerns, or simply an evolution of gaming preferences, the process of account deletion should be straightforward. This guide aims to simplify that.

How to Delete a Blade and Soul Account Easily
How to Delete a Blade and Soul Account Easily

A Detailed Walkthrough to Deleting Your Blade and Soul Account

Retracing steps in a virtual universe can be daunting. With a structured approach, you can delete your Blade and Soul account with minimal fuss.

1. Log into the NC Account Management Page

Begin by accessing the NCSoft official website, the publisher behind Blade and Soul. Head to the account management or login section.

2. Navigate to Account Settings

Once inside, locate the ‘Account Settings’ or a similar dashboard that provides an overview of your profile and game subscriptions.

3. Head to the ‘Game Accounts’ Section

This section lists all the games linked with your NCSoft account. Find ‘Blade and Soul’ among the enlisted games.

4. Choose ‘Delete’ or ‘Terminate Account’

Adjacent to the game details, you should notice an option to delete or terminate the account. Clicking this will initiate the deletion process.

5. Adhere to Prompts and Confirmations

There might be multiple pop-ups or email confirmations to ensure the decision is deliberate. Follow through by providing necessary affirmations.

Things to Ponder Before You Proceed

Before you embark on this digital farewell, it’s essential to weigh certain considerations:

Data and Progress

Deleting your account might mean permanent loss of game progress, in-game assets, and interactions. Ensure you’re ready to part with these.

Associated Game Accounts

Your NCSoft account could be linked to multiple games. Ensure you’re only deleting the Blade and Soul account and not affecting others unintentionally.

Repercussions on Subscriptions

If you have active subscriptions or in-game purchases, understand the implications on these before deletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my game progress retrievable post account deletion?

Once deleted, retrieving game progress is usually not feasible. It’s imperative to be certain before taking this step.

Can I create a new Blade and Soul account using the same email in the future?

Most gaming platforms allow for re-registration with a previously used email, post the account deletion. However, specifics might vary. Consulting the game’s support team could offer clarity.

Will I be refunded for unused in-game purchases or active subscriptions?

Typically, refunds aren’t processed for unused in-game assets or midway subscription cancellations. But, diving into the game’s refund policy or reaching out to customer service can provide detailed insights.


Blade and Soul, with its captivating visuals and gripping gameplay, remains an icon in the MMORPG genre. Every gamer’s voyage is personal and multifaceted, filled with battles won, alliances made, and stories etched. Yet, when the winds of change beckon, and one chooses to set sail in a different direction, the exit should be as memorable as the entrance. This guide on how to delete a Blade and Soul account endeavors to make that transition smooth, ensuring that while memories remain, digital footprints can fade away.

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