League of Legends Caitlyn Quotes

We have prepared the speeches, words and lines of the League of Legends Caitlyn character for you. Caitlyn lovers can access the champion’s words below.

Caitlyn Quotes

  • It is possible.
  • Dan! Right in the head.
  • I’m so close.
  • This job is perfect for me.
  • Let’s investigate.
  • Let’s do some research.
  • Are you ready for a duel?
  • Don’t be caught off guard.
  • They came into my field of vision.
  • You will take your hat off to my move.
  • Meet the powerful weapon of the law.
  • I love an exciting pursuit.
  • I have what I need for this job.
  • Me? Miss? Remote possibility.
  • So many bad guys and so little time.
  • Who wants to be at the end of the barrel?
  • Sorry guys, the furry handcuffs stayed at home.


  • Would you rather have a good cop or a bad cop?
  • Do you want another chance? Things can’t be left up in the air between us.
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League of Legends Caitlyn Abilities

Caitlyn is an marksman (ADC – Attack Damage Carry) champion in the game “League of Legends” and is usually played in the bot lane. Known as the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn is particularly known for her long-range attacks and traps. Caitlyn is designed to control the map and shoot enemy champions from a distance.

Caitlyn’s abilities include:

  1. Passive – Headshot : After a certain number of basic attacks or trap/spell hits, Caitlyn gains a shot that deals extra damage (Headshot). This applies to the next basic attack with increased firing range and will trigger more often, especially when cast through brush.
  2. Q – Peacemaker (Piltover Peacemaker) : Caitlyn fires projectiles in a straight line, damaging enemies in front of her. After hitting the first target, the bullet narrows but continues to damage targets behind it.
  3. W – Yordle Snap Trap : Caitlyn places traps on the ground. Enemies who step on these traps are immobilized for a while, and Caitlyn gains a chance to cast the Nuisance shot on these targets.
  4. E – 90 Caliber Net : Caitlyn throws a net, bouncing back and slowing down the first enemy hit by the net. This ability is used for both escape and positioning.
  5. R – Ace in the Hole : Caitlyn targets a single enemy champion within range and fires a projectile at them that can deal a large amount of damage. This ability is very effective at finishing off enemy champions, but another enemy champion can protect the target by getting in the way of the projectile.

Caitlyn is a champion known for her long-range attacks and traps, and can keep her enemies under pressure using the advantage of her range. She can restrict enemy movements and control important points with the traps she places on the map. When played correctly, Caitlyn gives her team the advantage of putting pressure on them from the early game and destroying their targets from a safe distance.

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