League of Legends Anivia Quotes

Speeches, words and quotes of Anivia, one of the League of Legends glacier characters. Anivia is a champion in the game “League of Legends”. She is known as a mage with the element of ice and is usually played in the mid lane. Anivia’s unique abilities and high damage potential make her a powerful champion who can control strategic points of the game.

Anivia Quotes

  • Find peace.
  • Let’s float.
  • Let’s take wings.
  • Always on guard.
  • I will be reborn.
  • The Freljord is awakening.
  • The cycle is completed.
  • I’m bringing the storm.
  • Be afraid of the snowstorm.
  • It’s time to think.
  • Winter wind guide me.
  • I am snow, wind and ice.
  • Think beyond a lifetime.
  • A great darkness will fall.
  • Life passes so quickly.
  • I will not turn my back on my homeland.
  • I dream of the passing ages.
  • May I sacrifice my life for the Freljord.
  • I am neither the first nor will I be the last.
  • A danger from the past is approaching. Anivia lines
  • There is a meaning hidden in every snowflake.
  • There is a bond that unites us all.
  • I’ve felt this evil before.
  • What kind of change will this wind bring?

Anivia Provocations

  • You are so young, so naive.
  • Poor creatures, condemned to a single life.
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League of Legends Anivia Abilities

Anivia is a control-oriented mage champion in the game “League of Legends” who is usually played in the mid lane. This champion, who masters the ice element, plays an effective role in team fights and lane control. Anivia’s unique abilities and high damage potential make her very effective against enemy champions and turrets.

Anivia’s abilities are as follows:

  1. Passive – Rebirth : When Anivia receives lethal damage, she turns into an egg. During this time, the egg has a certain health bar, and if it is not depleted during this time, Anivia will revive.
  2. Q – Ice Chunk Throw (Flash Frost) : Anivia throws a chunk of ice; When reactivated or reaching its maximum range, it explodes, dealing damage and stunning enemies in the area of ​​effect.
  3. W – Crystallize : Anivia creates a wall of ice in a specific area. This wall blocks the passage of enemies and when positioned correctly can be used to restrict the enemy team’s movements.
  4. E – Frostbite : Anivia launches a frostbite that deals extra damage to targets that are stunned or frozen (within the area created by her R ability).
  5. R – Glacial Storm : Anivia creates a constantly growing ice storm in a chosen area, damaging enemies in that area. As long as the storm is active, it consumes mana and applies a slowing effect on enemies. This ability is also used to deal extra damage when combined with the E ability.

With her high control abilities and area damage, Anivia can play a critical role in teamfights and lane domination. When played correctly, it can greatly hinder the enemy team’s advance and create advantageous positions for the allied team.

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