League of Legends Blitzcrank Quotes

Words and quotes of Blitzcranck, the robot character of League of Legends. Blitzcrank is a champion in the game “League of Legends”, usually played in a support role. Blitzcrank, a robot character, is known for his ability to capture enemies and present them to his teammates, and with this feature he can make important moves that can change the course of the game.

Blitzcrank Quotes

  • Absolutely.
  • As long as it takes.
  • Destroy! destroy!
  • You’re losing steam.
  • Look! You are leaking.
  • I’m completely focused.
  • Magic is calling me.
  • The functioning golem does not rust.
  • Metal is harder than flesh.
  • Tremble with fear, pile of flesh.
  • Bone is a poor alternative.
  • I’m pumped up, I’m ready to serve.

Blitzcrank Provocations

  • The end of humanity has come.
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Blitzcrank Abilities

Blitzcrank is a champion played primarily in the support role in the game “League of Legends” (LoL). Blitzcrank is a large mechanical golem who is adept at capturing opposing team players and giving his allies the advantage. His kit is geared towards disrupting enemy champions’ position and isolating important targets in teamfights.

Blitzcrank Abilities:

  1. Passive – Mana Barrier : When Blitzcrank is low on health, he gains an extra shield equal to a portion of his current mana. This shield allows Blitzcrank to survive, allowing him to play bolder in risky situations.
  2. Q – Rocket Grab : Blitzcrank throws a mechanical hand in the direction he targets. When the hand hits an enemy, it pulls the target towards Blitzcrank and deals damage. This ability can capture key members of the enemy team and allow them to be quickly neutralized by teammates.
  3. W – Overdrive : Blitzcrank gains a massive increase in movement and attack speed for a short time. This ability can be used for positioning or to escape or catch up with enemies.
  4. E – Power Fist : Blitzcrank’s next basic attack launches the target into the air, dealing double damage and stunning them for a short time. This ability is effective when used in conjunction with Rocket Hand to prevent the captured enemy from escaping.
  5. R – Static Field : Blitzcrank emits an electric charge that deals magic damage to enemies around him and silences their passive abilities for a short time. On active use, Blitzcrank instantly deals a large amount of damage to surrounding enemies and silences them. This ability is used in team fights or to silence and neutralize individual targets.

Blitzcrank is an effective support champion who can provide great advantages to his team. A well-timed Rocket Hand catch can change the course of the game and provide significant gains for your team. Blitzcrank’s success is closely related to timing his abilities correctly and using them effectively.

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